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SETSS opened its doors in September 2016 under the patronage of Educate Together. The culture of the school is based on four core principles; it is co-educational, equality-based, democratic and student-centred.

SETSS is committed to achieving the highest standards possible as we aim to ensure that every student reaches their full potential. Adopting a 21st Century learning approach, we strive to provide an environment where students develop not only their academic abilities but also their life skills. This enables them to apply critical thinking, innovative and creative skills as they prepare for their future. We also encourage students to prioritise wellbeing and active citizenship throughout their schooling.

Art Inspection 2023

A range of highly effective means was used to assess students in Art including self-evaluation and peer assessment. Very good peer and self-assessment was a key feature of art lessons. Teachers used very good formative assessment strategies consistently to assess students’ understanding throughout lessons, and provided meaningful verbal feedback to students during all lessons.

Education at Stepaside ETSS is about equality, inclusion, creativity and developing and nurturing good relationships between all stakeholders. This is done in a climate of collaboration, creativity and fun. Our school embraces a 21st Century Learning & Teaching approach, designed with the learning process in mind. We believe that how we learn is as important as what we learn and learners are encouraged to be the best form of themselves that they can be and to strive for academic excellence.

Business Inspection 2020

Teaching, learning and assessment of a very high standard was observed in all the lessons. Business teachers created a learning environment that enabled students to develop their key skills, knowledge and understanding of business in an active, meaningful and enjoyable manner.

In SETSS, using technology in a blended learning environment is fundamental to how we learn and teach. All students have one-to-one laptops and use Office 365 to support their learning and teachers facilitate lessons through Microsoft Teams and OneNote.

Science Inspection 2019

The overall quality of teaching and learning was very good; there were some elements of exemplary practice. Students were engaged in meaningful inquiry-based learning activities in all lessons; they worked independently and collaboratively and demonstrated a very good level of responsibility for and ownership of their learning.

Our highly qualified and dedicated staff are committed to providing an education where our students are encouraged to be curious, open-minded, prepared to take risks and to speak out against injustice wherever they see it. Student Voice is valued in all aspects of the school and students are encouraged to take an active role in school and community life. Throughout the school Restorative Practice is used as an integral way of resolving conflict and preventing harm. This has many benefits, including increased attendance, a happier place to learn and improved achievement.

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As a growing school, SETSS is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to join a kind, collaborative, innovative and dedicated staff in our brand new school building which will open in August 2023 and is equipped with state of the art facilities.

Further information:

Blueprint for Educate Together Second-Level Schools


Stepaside ETSS is delighted to announce that we are a Droichead school. The Droichead process is an integrated professional induction framework for newly qualified teachers (NQTs). The main objective of the Droichead process is to support the professional learning of the NQTs during the induction phase, thus laying the foundations for subsequent professional growth and learning for the next phase of their career.

We have a full trained Professional Support Team, who mentor NQTs through the Droichead process. We look forward to working with NQTs to enrich our school culture.

Further information:

NIPT Website

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an absolutely fantastic day of team building activities for third year students. A huge thank you to Go Beyond Adventures for coming out to our school
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