Dear School Stakeholder,

Every school in Ireland needs to have policies and procedures. These help each school to guide the actions of all individuals involved with the school. They ensure and endorse the well-being of all families, children, staff, volunteers, guests and everyone who is connected to the school. When policies and procedures are well thought out and, most importantly, implemented they provide common understanding and agreement on how things should be done at the school. Procedures provide clear instructions and guidelines on what should/must be done in a particular set of circumstances or with regard to a particular issue.

Policies and procedures help new staff and families to familiarise themselves with the practices of the school and gives them information about what to expect from the school.

The policies written to date conform with the guidelines of the Department of Education and Skills and TUSLA.

The consultation process for reviewing the following school documents commenced on 26th September 2018 following a Board of Management meeting. You are requested to review the Acceptable Use Policy and the Communications Policy. All correspondence relating to the review of these two policies should be sent to the Director of School Self Evaluation, Thomas Cashin, at tcashin@stepasideetss.ie before Monday 5th November 2018 when the consultation process will end.


Stepaside ETSS Tour Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Suspension Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Substance Misuse Policy

Stepaside ETSS SPHE and RSE Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Social Media Policy for Employees 2017

Stepaside ETSS Protected Disclosures Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Expulsion Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Draft Communications Policy

Stepaside ETSS Draft Acceptable Usage Policy

Stepaside ETSS Critical Incident Management Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Code of Positive Behaviour 2017

Stepaside ETSS Child Protection Policy 2017

Stepaside ETSS Anti-Bullying Policy 2017

Stepaside Dress Code

Stepaside-ETSS-Admissions-Policy 2018

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With the school doors currently shut due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Stepaside Educate Together has been using technology to communicate with students and keep lessons going.
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