Getting ready for the first day

first-day-of-school.jpgWhat can I do get ready to start in SETSS?

Finding Out more about SETSS

Getting Organised

  • Have you seen our school campus? Find the school on Google Maps and look at it in 'Street View'
  • Plan your route to school with a member of your family or a friend. Find the school on Google Maps. Will you walk, cycle or run? Will you take public transport? Look up the Luas / bus timetables! How long will it take?
  • Time yourself getting to school in August. Prepare your bag the night before, have your breakfast, travel to SETSS - see if you make it on time at 8.20am!
  • Make sure to buy all the equipment from the equipment list provided by the school. Your parent / guardian will have received this list
  • Colour code copies with stickers
  • Buy subject folders and colour code them too
  • Remember you will only need to bring your device, your lunch and one copy to school for the first days in SETSS

Your Wellbeing

  • Make a playlist of your favourite songs that you can listen to on your way to school each day
  • Create a list of all the clubs you would like to join at SETSS
  • Write a list of all the things you are looking forward to doing at secondary school
  • Eat regularly and eat well
  • Get lots of sleep!

You and Your Device

  • At SETSS, your 'buddies' and teachers will teach you how to use MS Office, in particular the use of MS Teams and MS One Note. On the Microsoft Education Centre, a parent or a student can complete free courses to become familiar with these packages. If you were particularly interested in learning a little bit about MS Teams and OneNote before August, some of these courses may be fun to complete (this is optional as you will learn how to do this when you join in any case)

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an absolutely fantastic day of team building activities for third year students. A huge thank you to Go Beyond Adventures for coming out to our school
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