Bridge 21

Bridge21 is for the way we learn now


Bridge21 is an education programme based in Trinity College Dublin. It offers a new model of learning, that is perfectly suited for adoption of contemporary, progressive pedagogy in Irish secondary schools.

Designed to support an innovative 21st Century learning environment within schools, Bridge 21 have developed a learning model for second-level education that is:

  • Team-based
  • Technology mediated
  • Project-based
  • Cross-curricular

Bridge 21 can change how students learn and engage with education.

Why is Bridge 21 different?

Focus on teamwork and collaboration.
Teamwork is at the core of the Bridge 21 learning model. By collaborating with others, on digital projects, students learn essential life skills, including communication, problem-solving, and project planning - all critical components for a successful knowledge-based economy.

Development of leadership skills.
Good leadership drives good change. By developing leadership competencies in young people, we are developing their confidence and capacity to take ownership of their own learning and life choices.

Mediate learning through technology.
Today’s students are digital natives. They are constantly plugged in and tuned in. Bridge 21 aims to bring that knowledge into their formal learning environments and enhance it through their educational experiences.

Learning by doing.
It is all hands on deck in Bridge21. As much as we like to debate, we also love to do.


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an absolutely fantastic day of team building activities for third year students. A huge thank you to Go Beyond Adventures for coming out to our school
Ballyogan Road, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, D18 VEA0.
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