Agreed Report BOM Meeting 02nd March 2021

Agreed Report

Financial report:

  • FSSU Budget workshop: attended by BM and PM
  • Final accounts were signed and sent to ET National Office. ET approved the end of year accounts.
  • The FSSU submission was completed by school accountant. Confirmation on 15 February of the FSSU acknowledgement of completion of the year end upload. This was before the 28thFebruary deadline.

Students’ Report:

  • Invitation to the ISSU Extraordinary Meeting on March 31st - 3 volunteers to attend
  • We have been taking turns in terms of roles during the meetings - being chair and minute taking.
  • We check the Student Council Feedback form on a weekly basis and see what issues are coming up. Mainly, it has related to workload and how assignments are being set (via teams). There was also a discussion about how teachers are using breakout rooms.
  • Alexandru has been writing a bi-monthly article for the school newsletter
  • Sallie brings the matters raised to the staff at the staff meetings.

Survey Results on Remote Learning

  • Results from surveys of students, parents and teachers on PowerPoint attached.

Temporary Assistant Principal Post

  • Catherine McAuliffe has been appointed to the temporary Assistant Principal II post.


  • Staff working group has been established for developing an LCA programme in SETSS.


  • Project on teacher induction is continuing.


  • Barbara is attending regular meetings for all of the above.


  • Department of Education are working on schedule of accommodation for September 2021. Tender should be going out in next quarter of 2021.

Dress Code

  • Board expressed gratitude to parent reps for effort and time in working on policy.
  • Two Parent reps will meet with dress code committee to create the dress code policy.

Motions for AGM:

  • Discussion wereheld and concerns expressed regarding the motions from the ET Board of Directors and the changes made to the SETSS motions with no contact from the standing orders committee.
  • The motions working group to meet this week to propose an amendment to the amended motion.
  • Barbara to contact the Standing Orders committee.


  • No AOB

Date of next meeting 27th April 2021 18:30

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an absolutely fantastic day of team building activities for third year students. A huge thank you to Go Beyond Adventures for coming out to our school
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