Don't Go Far, A Transition Year Short Film

Don't Go Far, A Transition Year Short Film

Transition Year English students this year worked to create an entirely student directed and produced rendition of the RTE 1 documentary “Don’t Go Far,” a true story to two kids from Darndale and their adventures. Students were challenged with not only thinking up their take on the story, but also adapting it to be workable during pandemic times. Luckily, they were up for the challenge!

The class began by adapting and writing their own rendition in the form of a film script. Luckily for us, we were able to avail of the advice of the wonderfully talented Lesley Conroy (perhaps known for her role as Aoife in the hugely popular TY series Fair City), who was able to help us problem solve and also give us some advice when it came to navigating film sets, acting, and working together as a team. Then, using input from costume and design teams, the class then began brainstorming and storyboarding each scene in order to adapt it to our school campus, identifying places in which a green screen could be utilized to mimic places such as the DART, airports, shopping malls etc. With the ideas in place, a team of “tech experts” were versed in how to use the green screen, which would act as a backdrop for several shots in the film. With all the pieces in place, students created and compiled various props and costumes necessary and began filming, with a consistent film crew, script reader, and of course actors/actresses. At the end of each filming day, students uploaded their work to a communal Google Drive, which was organised by other members of the team for later editing.

Once the filming was complete, a team of editors worked together to finish the final product. Complete with green screen backdrops, a flash mob, product-placement of the Stepaside water bottle, a soliloquy, and even Thomas as a guest star, the challenges that this crew had to overcome in pulling this film together were immense. None the less, they were able to create something that was completely their own and original, with practically no teacher involvement. A truly impressive feat!

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