Chess Club Will Run This Year!

Chess Club Will Run This Year!

Hello Parents, Guardians, Caregivers,

Conor Devlin, the chess supervisor here. As some of you may know, SETSS has for the last three years been running a highly successful chess club. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the faith of the school's largest club was looking grim but alas we have come up with a solution.

I'd like to announce with great pleasure that the chess club has found a way to be totally covid compliant and safe. The following proposal was shown to school management and given approval. So without further adue, I present the 2020/2021 Chess Plan:

  1. Students will register to which is one of the top visited board game websites on the internet.

    It is free and offers premium subscriptions to which students will not have to pay!

  2. Using this website students will be able to play others in various classes throughout the school without leaving their pods!!

    I will create a video tutorial to help students register for the site. I will also provide social distant physical support to SEN students who wish to register.

  3. For students to be allowed to use their devices on breaks they must register to the chess club through me, Conor.

    This will be done through an e-mail home to parents, which must be responded to to express permission for your child to be in the Chess Club.

    Students who register will be issued with their own unique chess pass which they can then hold up, so I know they are using their device appropriately during breaks. Allowing me to follow social distancing measures.

  4. Each class will be appointed a student chess ambassador who will take note of wins/losses that occur during break periods. This will then be forwarded to me via email to reduce contact.

    The student chess ambassadors will be given a briefing on the importance of social distancing and how to gather the data while complying with Covid legislation.

  5. Chess will only be allowed on devices on the days that I, Conor am on duty, I will rotate on my regular supervision check-ins to check that the appropriate students are on their devices and are social distancing.

  6. The Days that I am on Supervision are as follows, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday break, Thursday lunch. These are the only periods that SETSS Chess League games will be recorded and/or allowed to be played.

      We accept all levels of Chess players in our club ranging from total beginners right up to national final winners. I hope to see some wonderful names returning to the school leaderboards and some fresh competition for our seasoned players. Lets grow the biggest club in the school even further!!

    See you all soon for face-to-face updates and Q & A.
      Conor Devlin

    Chess Supervisor.

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